Aircraft Stability and Control



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This course is designed to understand stability and control aspects of an airplane. This course will also help in creating a background to design an airplane from stability and control aspects.

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Week 1: Overview of aerodynamics and atmosphere, Wing stall and maximum lift coefficient,Wing aerodynamic center & pitching moment, Introduction to static and dynamic stability.
Week 2: Introduction to static and dynamic stability, Wing contribution, Tail contribution, Canard and fuselage contribution.
Week 3: Power plant contribution & its effect on NP, Stick fixed neutral point, Static margin, Stick fixed : maneuvering point.
Week 4: Elevator effectiveness, Elevator angle of trim, Flight measurement of Xnp, Elevator hinge moment, Stick forces (trim tab & stick force gradient),
Week 5: Stick free neutral point, Stick free : maneuvering point, Roll stability and roll control, Yaw stability and yaw control.
Week 6: Newton’s second law of rigid dynamics, Axes system and relevant transforms, Angular motion equations.
Week 7: Aerodynamic forces, Gravitational and thrust forces, Linearized equations of motion,
Week 8: Force and moment derivatives, Force and moment derivatives, Contribution of aircraft components to aerodynamic derivatives, Linear model.
Week 9: Short period approximation,Long period approximation, Pure pitching motion, Flying and handling qualities.
Week 10: Linearized lateral dynamics.Lateral motion :Linearized coupled motion, Roll approximation, Spiral approximation.
Week 11: Dutch roll approximation. Pure rolling. Pure yawing, Inertia coupling.
Week 12: Stability augmentation system: Longitudinal, Stability augmentation system: Lateral.

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    Aircraft Stability and Control
    Aircraft Stability and Control

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