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In order to improve the research skills of Indian medical postgraduate (PG) students and teachers in medical institutions, the Board of Governors (BoG) in supersession of Medical Council of India (MCI) has recommended a uniform research methodology course across the country.  The online course, “Basic Course in Biomedical Research”, will be offered by ICMR-National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR-NIE), Chennai. The course will explain fundamental concepts in research methodology. The course includes 23 Lectures covering conceptualization of a research study, epidemiological and bio-statistical considerations in designing a research study, planning and conducting a research study, writing a research protocol and publication ethics. The learning materials will include video lectures, presentation slides, reading materials and assignments. 

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Conceptualizing a research study
1 Introduction to health research (What is research, justification for undertaking a research study, types of research)
2 Formulating research question, hypothesis and objectives
3 Literature review
Epidemiological considerations in designing a research study
4 Measures of disease frequency
5 Descriptive study designs (Case reports/series, Ecological study, Cross-sectional study)
6 Analytical study designs (Cohort, Case-control)
7 Experimental study designs (RCT, Quasi-exp)
8 Validity of epidemiological studies
9 Qualitative research methods: An overview
Bio-statistical considerations in designing a research study
10 Measurement of study variables (Types of data, Descriptive statistics)
11 Sampling methods
12 Calculating sample size and power
Planning a research study
13 Selection of study population (inclusion/exclusion criteria)
14 Study plan and project management
15 Designing data collection tools
16 Principles of data collection
17 Data management
18 Overview of data analysis
Ethical issues in conducting a research study
19 Ethical framework for health research
20 Conducting clinical trials
Writing a research protocol
21 Preparing a concept paper for research projects
22 Elements of a protocol for research studies
23 Publication ethics

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    Basic course in Biomedical Research
    Basic course in Biomedical Research

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