Biochemistry of Biomolecules



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To know a specific system like microorganisms vividly, Biochemistry is the important background subject. After completion of the course, the students can automatically apply this knowledge of Biochemistry in their corresponding fields. It will help them enough for their research purpose and competitive examinations.

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Week 1
Module 01: Molecules of living systems – Part 1
Module 02: Molecules of living Systems – Part 2
Module 03: Molecules of living systems – Part 3
Week 2
Module 04: Molecules of living systems Part 4
Module 05: Molecules of living systems Part 5
Module 06: Reactions of the biological system
Week 3
Module 07: Carbohydrates- Part 1
Module 08: Carbohydrtaes- Part 2
Module 09: Lipids
Week 4
Module 10: Lipid Metabolism (Part-1)
Module 11: Lipid metabolism (Part 2)
Module 12: Lipid metabolism (Part-3)
Week 5
Module 13: Proteins (Part-1)
Module 14: Proteins (Part-2)
Module 15: Proteins (Part-3)
Week 6
Module 16: Covalent primary structure
Module 17: Secondary structure
Module 18: Supersecondary, tertiary and quaternary structure
Week 7
Module 19: Protein folding, symmetry, subunit and dynamics
Module 20: Different shape, size of proteins and fibrous proteins
Module 21: Quaternery structure globular protein
Week 8
Module 22: Enzyme, Characteristics, Properties & Significance
Module 23: Enzyme, Activity, Purification, Assay, Unit
Module 24: Enzyme, Kinetics regulation & Catalysis
Week 9
Module 25: Vitamins
Module 26: Vitamin B Complex (Part-1)
Module 27: Vitamin B Complex (Part-2)
Week 10
Module 28: Vitamin C
Module 29: Vitamin D
Module 30: Vitamin A, E & K
Week 11
Module 31: Estimation of DNA and RNA by Measurement of sugar
Module 32: Protein Estimation
Module 33: Estimation of glucose by Glucose Oxidase Method
Week 12
Module 34: Estimation of serum cholesterol by cholesterol oxidase method
Module 35: Liver function tests
Module 36: Estimation of bilirubin.

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    Biochemistry of Biomolecules
    Biochemistry of Biomolecules

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