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e-Learning course on cancer fundamentals has been designed by Indian Cancer Society- Delhi who has been working in cancer control through a multi-pronged approach of Cancer Awareness and Primary preventive screening since 1983, to increase self-awareness on cancer

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During the six-month program applicants will be able to cover 40 modules under 7 broad units, with videos and an animated cell character called “Koshika”. At the end of each module will be an interactive quiz.
UNIT 1- What is Cancer?
Module 1- Understanding Cancer
Module 2- Risk factors of Cancers?
Module 3- Sign & Symptoms of common Cancers
Module 4- Contributing Factors of Cancer
Module 5- Myths & Misconceptions about Cancer
Module 6- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 2- What are the types of Cancer?
Module 7- Different Types of Cancer (Introduction)
Module 8 PART I- Gender Based Cancers (Introduction- Male & Female)
Module 8 PART II- Gender Based Cancers Breast Cancer Case Study
Module 8 PART III- Gender Based Cancers Cervical, Endometrial, Ovarian Cancers Case
Module 8 PART IV- Gender Based Cancers mShakti App working
Module 9- Other Common Cancers
Module 10- Childhood Cancers
Module 10- Childhood Cancers
Module 10- Childhood Cancers
Module 11- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 3- What is the importance of Cancer awareness & screening?
Module 12- Principles of Cancer Screening & Awareness
Module 13- Government Cancer Screening Guidelines in India
Module 14- Screening Process in Community Setting
Module 15- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 4- What are the different Commercial Determinants of Cancer?
Module 16- Concept of Optimum Nutrition & Balanced Diet
Module 17- Diet- Commercial Determinants of Cancer
Module 18 Part I – Tobacco-Commercial Determinants of Cancer
Module 18 Part II- Indian Tobacco Control Law
Module 19- Environmental Determinants of Cancer
Module 20- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 5- What are the common types of Cancer Treatment?
Module 21- Cancer Treatment & its Types
Module 22- Chemotherapy
Module 23- Radiation
Module 24- Surgery
Module 25- Hormonal Therapy
Module 26- Targeted Therapy & Immunotherapy
Module 27- Part I Clinical Trials
Module 27- Part II Clinical Trials
Module 28- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 6- What is the importance of Palliative Care and shared decision making?
Module 29- Emotional Support
Module 30-Psychological Support
Module 31- Part I Palliative Care & Care of Terminally ill
Module 31- Part II Palliative Care & Care of Terminally ill
Module 32 – Doctor Patient Communication & informed decision making
Module 33- Care of the Caregiver Case Study
Module 34 PART I- Common tools for Rehabilitation (Introduction)
Module 34 PART II- Common tools for Rehabilitation in Cancer
Module 35- Interactive Quiz Module
UNIT 7- What are the Government Policies & Programmes on Cancer?
Module 36 PART I- Government Policy and Program on Cancer
Module 36 PART II- National Cancer Institute- AIIMS Jhajjar
Module 36 PART III – Universal Health Coverage
Module 37- Importance of Cancer Insurance
Module 38-Days to Remember
Module 39- Resource Directory for Cancer Services
Module 40- Interactive Quiz Module.

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    Cancer Fundamentals
    Cancer Fundamentals

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