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Last updated on June 5, 2024 10:03 pm

Learn digital sketching for interior design using Procreate app. Develop skills in size, dimension, color, and texture application. Perfect for beginners and professionals in interior design. Affordable and comprehensive course with downloadable references. Start your journey in the future of design today.

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What you’ll learn

  • Digital sketching on Procreate emphasis on Interior Design
  • Size and dimensions implementation
  • Color and texture application
  • Fully finished bedroom and bathroom execution

Why Digital Sketching?

Just think of it this way; Imagine having the skill to satisfy any design using a simple tablet and stylus.

Digital Sketching is the future for every talented designer, it is highly effective and efficient and it covers a wide scope of design work.

This course offers one of the best and most affordable skill acquisitions available online, you will get an introduction to Digital Sketching using Procreate App. The course offers the startup tools needed to understand digital Hand sketching using a stylus, it is a prerequisite that paves the way for more advanced courses to come.

The focus of this course is on interior design, it provides the basics on how to manage a canvas and draw different shapes and textures from different perspectives. The course embraces the key techniques needed to construct a full interior design perspective(s) no matter how sophisticated it might be.

Lessons are comprehensively well explained and offered with downloadable references.

Table of Content:

1. Direct Perspective by sizes

2. Angular Perspective by sizes

3. Template Hint in Angular Perspective

4. Drawing a Set of Chairs and a Table

5. Color Application

6. Drawing a Chandelier

7. Bedroom Construction

8. Bedroom/Color Application

9. Bathroom/Construction

10. Bathroom/Color Application

Who this course is for:

  • Interior Design Enthusiasts – Beginners and Professionals

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