Dynamics of Ocean Structures



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The course will give a brief overview of different types of ocean structures that are deployed in sea for exploiting oil, gas and minerals. While fundamentals of structural dynamics are discussed, detailed mathematical modeling of ocean structures and their dynamic analysis under waves, wind and current are highlighted with special emphasis to fluid-structure interaction. Introduction to stochastic dynamics of ocean structures is also discussed with lot of tutorials and sample papers that shall intuit self-learning through the course. Focus is on the explanation of fundamental concepts as addressed to graduate students.

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Week 1: Introduction to offshore structures
Environmental loads
Structural action
Week 2: Single degree-of-freedom
Equation of motion
Free vibration of SDOF systems
Week 3: Damped and undamped forced vibration
Damped forced vibration
Response build up
Week 4: Numerical examples
Numerical examples- MDOF
Week 5: Eigen value problems
Orthogonality of modes
Numerical methods in MDOF
Week 6: Influence coefficient method
Stodla method
Rayleigh method
Modal response of MDOF
Week 7: Rayleigh damping
Caughey damping
Damping by super-positioning
Duhamel integral
Model super position and Truncation
Missing mass correction
Week 8: Fluid structure interaction
Retrofitting and Rehabilitation
Earthquake forces
Week 9: Articulated towers
Fluid structure interaction application in ocean structures
Response control of compliant structures (MLAT)
MLAT with passive damperss
Week 10: Tension leg platforms
Fluid-structure interaction
Dynamic analysis for springing and ringing
Week 11: Numerical integration
Dynamic analysis offshore triceratops
Stochastic process
Week 12: Response spectrum
Return period
Fatigue damage.

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    Dynamics of Ocean Structures
    Dynamics of Ocean Structures


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