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This course aims to improve your business communication skills by developing your professional business writing, and current communication methodologies.

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Effective Business Communication in English is a free online course offered by Edraak, and part of the new Micro-Credential Program. This course aims to improve your business communication skills by developing your professional business writing, presentation skills, and your understanding of tone, style, audience needs, and knowledge of the current communication methodologies.

The effective business communication in English course has been designed to rapidly improve your professional business communication skills. There are no prerequisites to learning in this course, you can choose to enroll here without having to learn any other soft skills. However, you do need to complete all the course’s requirements to be able to obtain your certificate.

Enroll now in this course now to learn the art of visual communication, writing an email, writing a report. Along with applying self SWOT analysis and creating a meeting agenda with MOM to get effective business communication in English.

What you’ll learn

How to design and plan an effective business communication

How to prepare a meeting agenda and draft the MOM afterward

Choosing the right communication channel based on the key messages and your audience needs

Understanding the communication barriers and how to communicate effectively using key tactics for success

Planning your business writing strategy, including writing an email

The basics of formal and informal communication and when to use each type

Applying various communication methodologies to different business cases and strategies

The level of knowledge necessary to achieve basic business communication skills, including presentation skills

Integrating spoken vs written communication, while assigning different roles of communication

Understanding your own self-communication style by applying the SWOT analysis

The steps of writing a report or a proposal

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    Effective Business English Communication
    Effective Business English Communication
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