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Learn the basics of full-stack web development with JavaScript. This course prepares beginners for React or Angular, using Express and MongoDB. Boost your coding skills and become better prepared for the next level of web development.

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What you’ll learn

  • People who already took my first part of this course
  • should take a few hours
  • Several sections and parts to learn, debugging
  • After completing, we will deploy to Heroku

Building an app for the backend server language that will connect to our front end. We had previously created an app for the front end to build on for our full-stack application. It will consist of Embedded JavaScript files for page layouts. Express for the framework or structure of the pages and MongoDB for the database records management center. Where we will hold and store our files for submissions and editing. Both apps use the latest version of Bootstrap. This course will prepare you for the next level of web development with React, Vue, Meteor, and Angular.

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Who this course is for:

  • People who take the first part and beginners who want to learn a full stack coding language. Getting the basics to become better prepared for React or Angular

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