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The course on Farm Machinery is designed for undergraduate students of Agricultural Engineering, Practicing Engineers, Machinery Manufacturers and Research Scientists. The contents comprises of basic principles and the use of modern technology, viz, Image Processing, Microcontrollers, Sensors and Embedded Systems. Design of horticultural machines and equipment are specially included considering the need of the hour. Suitable examples in the form of problems and their solutions are included for the students to get clarity about the various concepts discussed on each topic. Use of machines Custom hiring and mechanization of small farms are also discussed under each level of mechanization for the readership to appreciate the importance of the machines used.

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Week 1 : Importance of farm machines in the contest of enhance production, multiple cropping, labour scarcity etc.
Week 2 : Ploughing and first opening of the soil, the design and component details.
Week 3 : Machinery of seedbed preparation operation.
Week 4 : Equipment for sowing and planting and inter cultivation.
Week 5 : Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator, Microprocessor Based Herbicide Applicator, Spraying etc.
Week 6 : Equipment for irrigation
Week 7 : Machinery for crop harvesting design and operation
Week 8 : Root crop harvesting machinery
Week 9 : Machinery for horticultural crops
Week 10 : Equipment for crop protection and disease control
Week 11 : Machinery for transport and material handling
Week 12 : Machinery for land drainage, reclamation and estate maintenance

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    Farm Machinery
    Farm Machinery

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