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Learn the auxiliary verbs in the French language with Edraak and how to talk about your hobbies, daily activities, and chores. Register now!

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The French Language (2) course is part of a series of courses teaching the French language for beginners (French Language 1). This free course is a sequel to the Introduction to the French language course, learners in the course will be able to engage in conversations with other people, ask questions, and interact in given situations and places, such as restaurants and markets.

Each unit in the French Language (2) course tackles a certain subject that is covered from different aspects. For example, learners will be able to present themselves in front of people, ask WH questions, and handle conversations in certain situations and places, such as home, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.

The course discusses major topics such as how to talk about your household and daily chores from morning to evening, hobbies and activities, how to talk about the weather, types of food and diet, and how to make reservations in restaurants and hotels. The course also gets into French grammar, explaining how to use the four auxiliary verbs in French.

The first unit is a continuation of the Introduction to the French language course about the main auxiliary verbs in the French language, which are also irregular verbs. Three verbs were discussed during the course: Verb to Be (être), Verb to Have (Avoir), Verb to Go (Aller), and now it’s time to reveal the fourth: Verb to Do (Le verbe Faire).

This unit also mentions the many uses of the Verb to Do (Le verbe Faire) in various scenarios from everyday life including activities, hobbies, and the weather. It is necessary to review all three auxiliary verbs by using them in different contexts before starting your learning journey in this course.

Moving on to the second unit of the course, which revolves around our daily lives, from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep. We will learn essential vocabulary and basic grammar that will allow us to describe a regular day, including daily activities and the people around us, as well as using different tenses from the past to the future.

The third unit tackles one of the essential basics; asking questions, making reservations in a hotel or hostel, inquiring about prices, location, etc., whether in person or over the phone in French. The fourth unit teaches you food-related vocabulary, how to talk about your diet, favorite meals, shop for groceries from the store, and express quantities all in French.

Learn the French language grammar in this free course from Edraak, including how to use auxiliary verbs and ask WH questions.

What you’ll learn

Manage your daily chores such as grocery shopping, making reservations, etc in French

Take an active part in a given situation by asking WH questions in French

Express yourself using a variety of tenses in French

Talk about your household and diet using French grammar

Talk about weather and hobbies in French

Talk about your daily routine

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