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Learn English online with this course and benefit from the British Council’s experience in English language learning and teaching for free

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Do you want to improve your spoken English? Would you like to be able to hold simple conversations, to talk about yourself and where you come from? A little bit of English can go a long way.

Whether this is your first time you would like to study English, or you are one of the many who took ‘Learn English: Conversational Skills for Beginners’ , this second free course in the series will provide you with English you can use practically, immediately. The focus is on the kind of language you need to communicate and talk about yourself, your interests and your experiences – from learning how you can manage simple conversations in English to talking about your education.

As with the first course in this series, you will benefit from the British Council’s long experience in English language learning and teaching for free. Each week, the content you learn is related to the studies of a group of Arabic-speaking learners on an English course with their British Council teacher, Alan. You will watch extracts of their lessons, which will be commented on by Ismail – another experienced British Council teacher. Ismail will guide you through important aspects, highlight language, and give you practical tips about English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. As in the first course, you can then practice all of this in quizzes, discussions and in the use of a special software to help you remember new words and phrases.

What you’ll learn

Language you can use in common situations, such as describing places, or talking about your educational and professional experience.

Useful areas of English vocabulary, including descriptive adjectives, food and drink, and numbers and prices.

Pronunciation tips, as in the first course, to help with difficult sounds in English, as well as aspects such as stress and the way sounds link together.

Examples of how English differs from Arabic, which can be useful for your understanding.

Tips on how to be a better speaker of English, and how to best manage your learning.

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    Learn English: Conversational Skills 2
    Learn English: Conversational Skills 2
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