Manufacturing Strategy



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The aim of this course is to provide a treatment to manufacturing functions to gain competitive advantage. Normally, operation activities are considered reactive in nature. Therefore, organizations are not able to use operation function for competitiveness. W.Skinner wrote the seminal artivle in HBR in 1969 to highlight the role of manufacturing in corporate strategy. This course will discuss the process of formulation of manufacturing strategy and will also discuss various tools and techniques for making a world class organization. This course will have a right blend of theory and case discussions.

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Week 1 :
(1) Manufacturing output
(2) Operations Systems
(3) Operations Strategy
(4) Functional strategy within context of a firm
(5) Functional dominance within corporate strategy
Week 2 :
(1) Concept of world class manufacturing organization
(2) 6 Ps of Manufacturing
(3) Skinners’ view and Hayes and Wheelwright framework of Manufacturing Strategy
(4) Alternative paradigm of manufacturing strategy
(5) Some generic manufacturing strategies I
Week 3 :
(1) Developing a manufacturing strategy
(2) Understanding markets
(3) The concept of order winners and qualifiers
(4) Basic Characteristics and Specific Dimensions of Order Winners and Qualifiers
(5) Some specific order winners and qualifiers I
Week 4 :
(1) Some specific order winners and qualifiers II
(2) Some specific order winners and qualifiers III
(3) Some specific order winners and qualifiers (Non operation related criteria)
(4) Developing an Operations Strategy: Methodology
(5) Developing an Operations Strategy
Week 5 :
(1) Developing an Operations Strategy: Roth and Miller Classification
(2) Enlightened View of Manufacturing
(3) Manufacturing Strategy Taxonomy: Some evidences from China
(4) Quality Management and Manufacturing Excellence
(5) Total Quality Management and Manufacturing Excellence
Week 6 :
(1) Deming’s approach to Quality
(2) Business Excellence Awards
(3) Process Choice
(4) Process Choice: 3 Dimensional View
(5) Product Profiling
Week 7 :
(1) Critical success factors for World Class Manufacturing
(2) Value Added Engineering
(3) Total Employee Involvement
(4) HR theories for Operations Strategy
(5) Flexible Manufacturing system
Week 8 :
(1) Concept of Focus wrt Manufacturing Strategy
(2) Toyota production System I
(3) Toyota production System II
(4) World Class Manufacturing and India
(5) Achieving World Class Status.

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    Manufacturing Strategy
    Manufacturing Strategy

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