Solar Energy Engineering and Technology



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The course content is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on solar radiation, analysis of solar radiation data, fundamentals of the solar thermal and photovoltaic system along with storage of energy required for effective design of efficient solar energy conversion devices. The concepts will be illustrated with practical examples, schematics and block diagrams wherever required. A sufficient number of numerical problems with solutions will be discussed in the course. This course is specifically designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Energy Engineering and Technology. Further, the course will be very much useful for students and researchers from varied academic backgrounds for the synthesis of novel energy conversion devices and processes.

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Week 1:Energy Scenario, overview of solar energy conversion devices and applications, physics of propagation of solar radiation from the sun to earth
Week 2:Sun-Earth Geometry, Extra-Terrestrial and Terrestrial Radiation, Solar energy measuring instruments
Week 3: Estimation of solar radiation under different climatic conditions, Estimation of total radiation
Week 4:Fundamentals of solar PV cells, principles and performance analysis, modules, arrays, theoretical maximum power generation from PV cells.
Week 5:PV standalone system components, Standalone PV-system design.
Week 6:Components of grid-connected PV system, solar power plant design and performance analysis.
Week 7: Fundamentals of solar collectors, Snails law, Bougers law, Physical significance of Transmissivity – absorptivity product.
Week 8:Performance anlaysis of Liquid flat plate collectors and testing
Week 9:Performance anlaysis of Solar Air heaters and testing
Week 10:Solar thermal power generation (Solar concentrators).
Week 11: Thermal Energy Storage (sensible, latent and thermochemical) and solar pond
Week 12:Applications: Solar Refrigeration, Passive architecture,solar distillation, and ermeging technologies.

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    Solar Energy Engineering and Technology
    Solar Energy Engineering and Technology

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