Spanish I








Introduction to the Spanish language. Emphasis is placed on auditory comprehension, basic speech production, reading comprehension, and composition. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through dynamic immersion and textbook reading and assignments, the focus is on using Spanish as a means of communication. Present, future, preterit, and imperfect tenses will be introduced.

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Identify singular gendered nouns
Recognize definite and indefinite articles
Define third-person singular verbs
Use subject-verb agreement
Complete plurals
Identify everyday items
Complete yes or no questions in complete sentences
Recognize colors
Complete conjugated verbs in first, second, and third person for singular or plural nouns
Solve counting problems
Articulate questions
Identify family members
Recognize family relationships
Use question words
Identify household items
Complete questions about age or relationship
Recognize names of countries
Identify articles of clothing
Recite greetings
Illustrate physical states
Write a letter to a penpal describing your home and appropriate greetings and questions
Role-play a conversation with a classmate describing yourself
Identify workplaces
Recognize activity verbs
Use question words
Complete sentences with the appropriate prepositions
Identify times of day
Complete questions about times of day and everyday items
Recognize numbers
Identify names of food, languages, parts of the body, and household items
Write an essay describing your family including their ages, physical descriptions, and relationships
Role-play a conversation with your sibling or a date about your life at college or your family
Identify items sold at stores
Recognize adjectives describing items at the store
Use “por qué” and “porque”
Identify pastimes and groceries
Complete questions to describe objects and likes and dislikes
Recognize numbers
Identify names of materials
Write an essay describing your favorite season, your daily routine or shopping
Role-play a conversation with your classmate at a party to introduce yourself and share your vacation plans

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