Spanish II








Introduction to the Spanish language Part II. Emphasis is placed on auditory comprehension, basic speech production, reading comprehension, and composition. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through dynamic immersion and textbook reading and assignments, the focus is on using Spanish as a means of communication. Imperfect and perfect tenses and the subjunctive mood will be introduced.

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Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Identify types of buildings and stores
Ask for directions
Demonstrate understanding of directional language
Recognize types of transportation
Use time words to understand travel itineraries
Name travel destinations
Describe weather, temperature, and precipitation
Write about a memorable trip
Recognize past tense verbs
Use past tense verbs
Choose correct indirect objects
Recognize future tense verbs
Use future tense verbs
Recite ways to ask for clarification or repetition
List school subjects
Recognize imperfect tense
Use imperfect tense
Examine different jobs and workplaces
Contrast past and imperfect tenses
Recite polite requests
Role-play a conversation about a memorable celebration
Name leisure-time activities
Recognize the formal imperative
Use the formal imperative
List months of the year
State methods of communication
Recognize the informal imperative
Use the informal imperative
Contrast objectives with comparison terms
Use direct and indirect objects
Write an essay about a celebration that took place in the past year
Role-play a phone conversation with a friend about their last shopping trip
Recognize vocabulary words for cultural artifacts
Modify terms for emotions to use the correct number and gender
List vocabulary words for vacation items or activities
Contrast items with adverbs of degree
Use prepositions
Demonstrate understanding of sequence words
Demonstrate possession
Illustrate intention with modal verbs
Write an essay comparing your childhood to now using the imperfect and present tenses
Role-play a conversation comparing restaurants in your town using adverbs of degree

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