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Make a difference to the lives of people who have difficulty in communicating by exploring the role of a speech and language specialist

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Make a difference to the lives of people who have difficulty in communicating by exploring the role of a speech and language specialist

Speech & Language Specialist: Level 1
Are you in search of a career path where you can use your strong communication and people skills while working as an active facilitator in helping individuals with struggles in their lives? Exploring the role of a Speech & Language Specialist through this introductory course will provide a general overview to the speech and language profession and the various ways that speech pathologists make psychological, physical, cognitive, and cultural impacts on the lives of their clients.
Speech & Language Specialist work with a wide range of clients to help develop and restore their communication needs. From individuals with dyslexia or down syndrome, to stroke victims who have lost the ability to speak, to someone who has acquired a traumatic brain injury that affects how their brain sends signals to their speech mechanisms, the needs of a speech pathologist are vast.
Speech & Language Specialist work diligently to provide the best, most appropriate, and realistic outcomes for those struggling with communication disorders.
Sign up for our Speech & Language Specialist: Level 1 course today to begin the endeavor to making a meaningful difference to the lives of those afflicted with disorders in communication.


Throughout this course, you will learn how people acquire, develop, maintain, and restore their various forms of communication. You will learn about the many communication disorders that affect people every single day – whether from the day they were born, from a traumatic accident, or from the deterioration of age. Upon the completion of this introductory course for aspiring Speech & Language Specialist, you will have obtained the foundational structure necessary for further, more in depth study in the rehabilitation and therapy procedures performed by Speech & Language Specialist.
Our Speech & Language Specialist: Level 1 course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for beginning your journey on the road to a rewarding career in healthcare that impacts a highly important and essential component of the lives of your clients: their ability to communicate.
Students of this course will learn to:

discern the differences among many speech, language, cognitive, and other communication disorders and how they affect the everyday lives of people
identify the language acquisition patterns, expectations, and delays in infancy, early childhood, and school age children
provide tools and techniques to individuals with communication disorders to maintain a high quality of life
understand how the neural structures of the brain and the oro-facial muscles of the face of human beings interact to initiate speech and swallowing functions
evaluate and analyze speech, language, cognitive, and social patterns as a means to diagnose and treat individuals in need of speech and language therapy

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    Speech & Language Specialist
    Speech & Language Specialist
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