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Prepare for the OCI Architect Associate Exam with this comprehensive course. Enroll before Feb 28, 2022, and get a free certification. Topics covered include compute, network, storage, database, observation and management, identity and access management, and security. All questions are answered with explanations, ensuring success in the exam. Additional preparation materials are available on Oracle’s website. Suitable for beginners and intermediate learners aiming to clear the 1Z0-1072 2022 certification. Don’t miss out on this special offer and good luck with your exam!

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OCI 1Z0-1072 Architect 2022 Associate
All latest questions are updated to clear the OCI Architect Associate Exam. 
Enroll before 28th Feb 2022 and get your free certification!!!

We have 2 full-length tests exactly like the real exam.

Criteria to pass 

Format: Multiple Choice

Duration: 90 Minutes

Number of Questions: 60

Passing Score: 65 %

Topics covered 


  • Choosing the right compute

  • Compute Instance Configuration

  • Automatic scaling configuration

  • Description of OCI Computing Image Options

  • OS management description and configuration


  • Implementation and management of virtual cloud networks

  • Public and Private Subnet Descriptions

  • Public and private IP addresses and virtual NIC descriptions

  • Virtual cloud network routing configuration

  • Security list and network security group configuration

  • Implementation and management of VCN connections

  • Understanding VCN connection options

  • Site-to-site VPN configuration

  • Fastconnect description

  • Configuring local and remote peering

  • DNS and traffic management configuration

  • Public and Private DNS Zone Descriptions

  • Traffic management configuration

  • Load balancing description

  • layer-7 Load balancer description and configuration

  • layer-4 Network load balancer description and configuration


  • Deploy and manage block storage

  • Understanding the performance layer of block volumes

  • Deploy block and boot volumes

  • Volume group, backup, clone configuration

  • Object storage configuration and management

  • Understanding the object storage layer

  • Object storage security description

  • Object storage versioning, lifecycle management, and maintenance rule implementation

  • File storage implementation and management

  • File storage configuration

  • File storage security description


  • Understanding database options

  • Autonomous Database Configuration

  • DB system configuration and management

  • MySQL and NoSQL Database Services Description

Observation and Management

  • Understanding the observation and management platform

  • Monitoring configuration and alarm settings

  • Logging configuration

Identity and Access Management

  • Understanding AuthN and AuthZ

  • Compartment implementation

  • Implementation of conditional and extended policies

  • Configuring dynamic group and tag-based access control


  • Understanding security services

  • Configuring Data Guard, Security Zones and Security Advisors

  • Vulnerability Scan and Web Application Firewall Configuration

  • OCI Vault Description and Configuration

All the topics on which questions can be asked are covered in this course. Answers to all the questions have been mentioned with brief explanations. Very helpful in clearing OCI Architect 2022 Associate exam.

Additional Preparation and Information

You can go on Oracles website they have excellent documentation and material to prepare. Try to do hands-on and practice. With this test series in addition you are guaranteed to be passing in your first attempt.

There is a special offer on certification on Oracle’s website 

Good Luck with your Exam!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners/Intermediate
  • Anyone wanting to clear 1Z0-1072 2022 certification

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    1Z0-1072-22 OCI 2022 Architect Associate [Practice Tests]
    1Z0-1072-22 OCI 2022 Architect Associate [Practice Tests]
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