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Whether you use the stunning kit offered with this class or select your own corresponding fabrics, Jinny will help you consider colors that will blend…

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Meet fabric designer and quilting author Jinny Beyer as you dive into the first installment of 2015’s Block of the Month. Jinny reveals the gorgeous quilt you’ll make over the next 12 months and the methods you’ll pick up along the way. Whether you use the stunning kit offered with this class or select your own corresponding fabrics, Jinny will help you consider colors that will blend well together and create interest.

January: May Basket

Dive into your first month’s block: Jinny’s beautiful May Basket design. Learn how to determine the direction of the grain of your fabric and employ Jinny’s cutting techniques, which prevent wasted fabric and uneven lines. Next, practice the time-old tradition of hand sewing as you piece and finish your symmetrical block.

February: Basket of Fruit & Ash Basket

February reveals two new festive blocks. Jinny demonstrates hand-stitching techniques that result in perfectly aligned corners, and machine-piecing methods for your squares as you sew the Basket of Fruit block. Next, she shows you the difference between a hand-pieced, set-in seam and a machine-pieced one. You can choose your favorite option to finish the Ash Basket block.

March: Cherry Basket

Embrace appliqué techniques as you dive into the block for March: a Cherry Basket teeming with flowers. Jinny shows you how to cut and press bias strips and achieve sharp points using hand- and machine-sewing techniques. You’ll learn to measure, cut, press and sew your pieces accurately and efficiently as you complete everything but the flowers.

April: Pine Needle Basket

April’s basket focuses on foundation piecing, which Jinny demonstrates using paper-piecing methods. Learn how to create the Pine Needle Basket as you trace and cut your pieces and create the basket’s handle. Next, Jinny demonstrates how to join the block pieces, sharing troubleshooting tips along the way.

May: White Oak Basket & Birch Basket

Apply Jinny’s Golden Ratio design tips to May’s basket, which offers a mathematically appealing ratio between the basket’s height and width. Discover pro tips for sewing partial seams and use Jinny’s template appliquémethod as you work. The appliqué work is optional, but results in an elegant handle and flowers that add dimension and a beautiful pop of color.

June: Beech Basket

Discover the Apliquick method for preparing appliqué pieces, which allows you to turn edges under quickly and accurately. Jinny provides a diagram for overlapping and underlapping elements, which allows you to organize the unit’s pieces more easily in the block. Finally, you’ll pick up great tips for embellishing the appliqué motif with French knots and markers!

July: Basket of Lilies

Follow Jinny’s tips for creating this delightful block, which uses two foundations and three pieces. Paper piece the block before hand- or machine-sewing the diamond units together to create perfectly pointed edges. If desired, complete your block with appliqué motifs that are secured with silk thread for an invisible finish.

August: Dahlia & Daffodil

Tackle complex blocks this month as you work with more elaborate paper foundations. Jinny breaks down complicated foundations into a system that you can follow with ease, applying log cabin construction techniques to pieces that are not rectangular. Sew your foundations together and complete the blocks, resulting in two beautiful new flowers to add to your quilt.

September: Harlequin & Foxglove

September reveals two new flower blocks: a pinwheel-esque Harlequin and a lovely Fox Glove. Discover ways to combine multiple foundations (five in the Harlequin and eight in the Fox Glove), joining the points with precision. Next, Jinny shows you how to frame and adjust the blocks to the proper size before removing the foundation paper without harming the fabric.

October: Sashing Strips & Cornerstones

Your blocks are all finished, and now you’re ready to create the sashing strips and cornerstones that will border them. Use a template to save time as you cut out identical sashing strips, and then make cornerstones that will fit your sashes perfectly.

November: Setting Triangles

Use the fabric you reserved in Lesson 1 to create the side setting triangles, with Jinny’s cutting tips to help you along the way. Next, arrange the blocks in their final placement before sewing them to the sashing strips, setting triangles and cornerstones.

December: Finishing

Your hard work has paid off, and all your quilt needs now is a beautiful border. Jinny shares great tips for envisioning and calculating your border design and width before demonstrating measuring and mitering techniques. Complete your project with hand- or machine-quilting techniques that will make each of your beautiful blocks shine.

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    2015 Craftsy Block of the Month
    2015 Craftsy Block of the Month
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