2022 – PMP PMI Exam Certification Test – PMBOK 7th Edition

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Prepare for the PMI PMP certification exam with these comprehensive mock tests. Assess your knowledge, build a strategy, and increase your readiness to pass on your first try. Fully compatible with the latest PMBOK edition. Ideal for candidates seeking the PMI PMP certificate.

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I have prepared this PMP Mock tests to help you make a strategy and plan for taking the PMI PMP certification exam. It will also help you access your knowledge and readiness to take the test and pass on your 1st try.

The tests follow the PMI guideline for questions distribution:

Three domains (People, Process, Business Environment) and Ten knowledge areas in their respective percentages.

Also, they are covering Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid project lifecycles as define in the PMBOK 7th edition.

So, these are the tests fully compatible with the latest version of PMBOK by PMI.

I have prepared three tests. All of the questions are unique and they are not repeating in any of the tests.

Based on my experience and how I prepared my self for passing the exam, I needed three tests to be able to build the strategy, plan and access my readiness for passing the exam:


  • Should I mark questions I am not sure about for the later review or not

  • How much time should I allocate for the questions I am not fully understanding / not sure of the answer

  • How and when to take a break (you are allowed to have two 10 minutes break)

  • Do I have sufficient time, energy and concentration to answer all question on time

  • Time tracking and milestones (should I check on every 30 or 60 questions?)


  • What are the areas I am not good at

  • What exactly I need to learn and understand

  • Do I make same/similar mistakes, why and how to not make them

  • Am I reading and understanding the questions correctly

On your first test try to understand as much as you can on the above items. First test has the lowest passing % requirement (70%). But you do not have more time for breaks. This is intentional in order to give you better understanding on your concentration and to force you to be focused. Review the exam results to understand areas for improvement.

The second test has 10 minutes more on the clock and you can take one 10 minutes break. Check when your energy and/or concentration / focus is not optimal and mark the time so you can take the break on your real exam before your energy and focus drops and you start making mistakes. Passing % is little higher.

The third test is the real deal! You have 20 minutes more on the clock. you can take two 10 minutes break, as it is allowed on the real PMI PMP exam. Passing percentage is 80% an d this mark is needed to be sure you will pass the real exam!

I will you all the best in getting your PMP PMI certificate!

If this tests and my courses helped you passing the test and getting the certificate, I would appreciate if you post it on Linkedin as it will help others achieving the goal of getting the PMI PMP certificate!

Thanks for buying this tests!

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates for the PMI PMP certification

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    2022 – PMP PMI Exam Certification Test – PMBOK 7th Edition
    2022 – PMP PMI Exam Certification Test – PMBOK 7th Edition
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