Adobe Photoshop CC – Beginners Essentials Training Course

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Learn AutoCAD Electrical from scratch and become a professional in electrical engineering. Master the software and gain job opportunities in the field. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know, with practical exercises and theoretical examples. Perfect for beginners or experienced users looking to level up their skills.

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What you’ll learn

  • Be able to navigate the home screen.
  • Choose the best file formated and resolution for new files
  • Create Guide in photoshop documents to layout media and text
  • Create Professional creative Flyers /posters that grab attention
  • Be able fix damaged images
  • Be able to remove people and or objects in images

Adobe Photoshop CC – Beginners to Intermediate Essentials Training Course, is a course that get the beginners started step by step . However if you have had some experience with Photoshop you will see some of the new features of photoshop and learn short cuts the will save you time and get you great results.

Here is just a sample of what will be covered in the feature packed course :

Fashion Poster Project

  • Introduction the Home Screen.

  • How To Create a new file and best settings.

  • Circular & Object Selections.

  • Select, re-arrange layers

We also look at lay out of the document , with the guides we use in Photoshop you can really focus on layering out your poster or flyer.  You see the art of graphic Design is all about use of space . So with out getting overloaded with technical jargon we ease you into creating a layout that flows. 

Skater Picture Repair and Remove Skaters

  • Understanding image Resolution and Size

  • Adjust tonal range Levels & Curves

  • Using the Spot heal Tool

  • Content Aware Patch Tool

  • Smart Sharpen

We take dive into restoring a scanned picture that is damage. Also se discover how we can reconstruct the image and remove people and objects.   We all see those old family pictures that could do with a retouch. Of course we could re edit pictures for fun or as part of an online business. What ever your desire once you have the skills you can turn them to any creative task.

What under pins this course is not only looking at the setting but also some of the challenges you may face. This course will set you on the path to creating your own personalised flyers poster, for the web or for print. You can create your files  for pleasure or for business.

Well cant wait to start your learning  journey with you 🙂 Enrol now.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is ideal for beginners and intermediate user of Photoshop
  • Intermediate users will find more detail on how to carry out task and learn time saving methods .
  • For those who want design poster flyers in photoshop
  • For those who want to restore images

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    Adobe Photoshop CC – Beginners Essentials Training Course
    Adobe Photoshop CC – Beginners Essentials Training Course
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