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Learn advanced JavaScript concepts like prototypal inheritance, coercion, and working with primitive types in this comprehensive workshop. Improve your understanding through examples and gain insights into keywords, scopes, and closures. Take your JavaScript skills to the next level with this course.

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It all starts with syntax. From there, once you’ve got the concepts down, you can move into using a framework where you figure out how to make things “just work”.

Everything is great, until it’s not.

If someone put you on the spot right now and asked you to explain

, would they like your answer?

What about prototypal inheritance or coercion?

In this workshop, you’ll be taking things to the next level, shining a light into “black-box” concepts like prototypes, the

keyword, and what primitive types are.

Tyler will walk you through each concept, and build your understanding through examples in the areas you need to know.

Course Content

Intro to Advanced JavaScript Foundations

Working with Primitive Types

Autoboxing Primitive Types in JavaScript

Understanding Prototypal Inheritance within JavaScript

Understanding the difference between .prototype and .__proto__ in JavaScript

Working with var, let, const, and block scopes

Implicit Binding of the “this” Keyword

Arrow Functions and Lexical Scoping “this”

Explicit binding of the “this” keyword

Private Variables with IIFEs

Use Implicit and Explicit Coercion in JavaScript

De-sugar an ES6 Class and the Extends Keyword

ES6 Class Constructors and the Super Keyword

Working with Static Properties on a Class

How to use ‘strict mode’

WTF is a Closure?

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    Advanced JavaScript Foundations
    Advanced JavaScript Foundations
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