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Learn essential algorithmic approaches and optimizations in JavaScript with this comprehensive course. Enhance your problem-solving skills and gain valuable knowledge in recursion, sorting, loops, and more. Master the implementation of algorithms to excel in programming positions and optimize calculations efficiently. Join now!

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Algorithms are functions that are used to solve a class of problems. Really any piece of code can be a algorithm! There are common algorithm implementations that have proven to accomplish tasks faster than others. However, speed is not measured in seconds but in terms of growth (Big O notation).

This course is designed to teach not only some of those algorithmic approaches to everyday problems but review the pitfalls and optimizations that comes with using them at all. They can be a dynamic and powerful way to optimize calculations, processes, and performing tasks. However, if used incorrectly it can not only destroy a system but can be a nightmare to untangle. Many programming positions today test the knowledge of an individual’s ability to understand and implement algorithms. Let’s work through recursion, sorting, loops, and many more!

Course Content

Introduction to Algorithms in JavaScript

Refactor a Loop in JavaScript to Use Recursion

Create a Divide and Conquer Function in JavaScript

Create a Selection Sort Function in JavaScript

Sort a Array with a QuickSort Function in JavaScript

Refactor a Linear Search into a Binary Search with JavaScript

Solve Complex Problems in JavaScript with Dynamic Programming

Implement a Breadth-first Search Function in JavaScript

Classify Mystery Items with the K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm in JavaScript

Predict Outcomes with Regression Functions in JavaScript

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    Algorithms in JavaScript
    Algorithms in JavaScript
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