All about American Tart & Pie by APCA chef online

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Learn to make delicious American pies at home with this curated program by Master chef Angelo Vantoorn. Discover 12 classic recipes, including Key Lime Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Blueberry Pie. Perfect for beginners, these tried and tested recipes ensure a perfect result every time. Join now and enjoy the no-frills, good-tasting pastries that can be easily replicated in your own kitchen.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Home Style american Pie
  • Learn to make Key Lime Pie
  • Learn about pumpkin Pie
  • Complete traditional pie program

American Tart and Pie by APCA chef online is a topic curated by Master chef Angelo Vantoorn. Chef Angelo Hails from USA and covers some classic tart and pie which you normally enjoy in local pastry shops as well as home Kitchen.

The idea of this topic is to present some no frill, good to taste pastries which can be easily replicated in home kitchen. You will find 12 world class classic recipes in this topic. Please note that we would be happy to assist you in case you have any doubt or need any clarification

Program –

· Banana Cream Pie

· Blueberry Pie

· Cherry Pie

· Chocolate pot Pie

· Chocolate Chiffon Pie

· Coconut Cream Pie

· Key Lime Pie

· Peach and sour cream Pie

· Pecan Pie

· Pumpkin Pie

· Strawberry Rhubard pie

· Sweet Potato Pie

All the recipes are tried and tested and ensure that you get a perfect result. Some of the recipes allow you to change the fruits and filling but then you may need to have the filling of same nature and consistency. You will be learning different type of crusts using different components and recipes and also various type of filling. Crust is the most important part as it add the crunch to Pastries also ensure that texture to the whole experience. We hoe you will like this program as much we like to create this program for the students

Who this course is for:

  • The program cover a complete menu of American home style Pie

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    All about American Tart & Pie by APCA chef online
    All about American Tart & Pie by APCA chef online
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