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Learn and demonstrate the basic concepts of React Native Animated API. Gain an understanding of animating React Native Views, applying them to different styles, and enhancing the application experience. Explore topics like animating style properties, combining animations, touch event animations, interpolation, and flip animations. This course covers animating styles, scaling buttons, creating draggable cards, animating colors and rotation, sequencing and staggering animations, parallel animations, and creating flip card animations with React Native. Enhance your React Native skills with this comprehensive course.

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In this course we will learn and demonstrate the basic concepts of the React Native Animated API. We’ll use Animated calls like


to animate style properties, and learn how to combine animations to create more complex effects. We’ll learn about more advanced interactions like animations with touch events, interpolation, and flip animations. The ultimate goal is to gain an understanding of how to animate React Native Views, how you can apply them to many different types of styles, and how to enhance the experience in your application.

Course Content

Animate Styles of a React Native View with Animated.timing

Animate the Scale of a React Native Button using Animated.spring

Create a Draggable Card with React Native Pan Responder, and Animated.decay

Animate Colors with React Native Interpolate

Animate Rotation with React Native Interpolate

Animate a Sequence of React Native Animations with Animated.sequence

Stagger React Native Animations with Animated.stagger

Animate Multiple Animations at the Same Time with Animated.parallel

Create a Flip Card Animation with React Native

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    Animate React Native UI Elements
    Animate React Native UI Elements
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