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Prepare for the Amazon Web Services’ Solutions Architect examination to earn your AWS certification and demonstrate your cloud computing expertise.

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Are you looking to take your AWS certification to the next level? Or are you looking for better career opportunities within the AWS design and implementation industry? If you are, then you have come to the right place. This course on AWS systems architecture helps you prepare for the Solutions Architect exam in the most comprehensive manner possible. So don’t waste time. Enroll now and open new horizons and professional opportunities today!

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Describe the AWS Solutions Architect…
  • Identify the methods available withi…
  • Outline the services and tools withi…
  • Examine the variety of resources ava…
  • Describe the AWS Solutions Architect examination requirements and prerequisites in detail
  • Identify the methods available within the AWS framework to create resilient architecture designs
  • Outline the services and tools within AWS to construct well-architected solutions
  • Examine the variety of resources available to design high-performance architectures
  • Analyze the various options available within AWS to ensure the safety and security of data in the cloud
  • Discuss the methods and tools at the users’ disposal to ensure cost optimization of architectures
  • Design Resilient Architectures

    In this module, the learner will examine the framework for well-architected solutions and deployments. The module starts off with an examination overview along with an introduction to the course instructor. Best practices for could solutions and tools available to ensure deployments are scalable and elastic shall be analyzed.

    Design High Performance Architectures

    In this module, the learner will be going through the key tools and services that can be used to design high-performance architectures. Identifying scalable solutions along with AWS design principles shall be discussed. The performance of cloud-based services will be examined. DevOps and AWS CloudWatch services shall also be discussed.

    Design Secure Applications and Architectures

    In this module, the learner will be going through certain aspects of security and best practices in the AWS framework. The various types of users within AWS shall be identified. The application of AWS Cloudtrail and Cloudwatch log trails shall be discussed. VPC flow logs, NACLS, and security groups along with S# permissions shall be described.

    Design Cost Optimized Architectures

    This module will be dealing with identifying the most cost-effective architecture design solutions with AWS. The learner will be going through several cost models available such as EC2, lambda, and dynamo along with numerous others. A discussion on AWS costing and pricing tools shall be carried out.

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      AWS Solutions Architect Exam Prep
      AWS Solutions Architect Exam Prep
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