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This **“Blended Learning”** MOOC, adapted from UBC’s successful **T-BLE** course, introduces you to the concept of blended learning and its potential benefits in terms of active learning and student engagement and most importantly, significantly enhanced student learning.  It provides an opportunity for you to explore some strategies, approaches, and effective practices you can incorporate as you design and develop your own blended course chapter.

This MOOC is an online course that will introduce you to teaching and learning in a blended learning environment. It consists of four week-long online modules as well as **an Introduction to the course and a collection of resources for further reading**.  

Each week you’ll learn from viewing videos and reading course materials. Then, you’ll complete a number of carefully-sequenced learning activities that will help you apply what you’ve just learned. The work you do in these learning activities will be directly applicable to blending your course.

**Week 1:** Essential Elements of Blended Learning

**Week 2:** Backward Design for a Blended Learning Environment

**Week 3:**  The Art of Communication and Cooperation

**Week 4:**  Assessments for Blended Learning

It is anticipated that you will complete one unit each week over a period of four weeks. Total time commitment per week is estimated at **3-4 hours/week** with an estimated **12-16 hours** to complete this course.

What you’ll learn

Describe the essential elements of blended learning and articulate how blended learning can enhance student learning.

Identify potential opportunities and challenges of teaching and learning in a blended learning with particular reference to your teaching context&nbsp


Identify effective practices, techniques and approaches to providing learning activities, delivering content, encouraging communication and cooperation and assessing students in a blended learning environment.&nbsp

Identify which of these practices, techniques and approaches for blended learning strategies would be most effective in your teaching and learning environment.&nbsp




Develop elements of your blended course chapter that you can take with you in your Ticket To Blended Learning Workbook and implement after you have completed this course.

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