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Learn how to build simple React Native applications for iOS and Android. Explore React Native components, custom component building, Flexbox layout, and component styling. Discover how to control components using state, persist information with AsyncStorage, and enable inline editing in a ListView. Gain a comprehensive understanding of React Native by following the course content, which includes setting up React Native, creating a basic Todo application layout, adding various components like TextInput and Switch, filtering items, and persisting data with AsyncStorage. Enhance your skills with loading indicators and inline editing in a React Native ListView. Start building React Native apps today!

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In this course we’ll explore getting started with a basic React Native application on both iOS and Android. We’ll learn about using React Native components, how to build custom components, how to layout an application using Flexbox, and how to style components.

We’ll also focus on how to use state to control components, how to persist information across application reloads with AsyncStorage, and how to inline edit in a ListView.

The ultimate goal is to gain an understanding of how to get started building simple React Native applications.

Course Content

Setup React Native for iOS and Android

Create the Basic React Native Todo Application Layout

Create a React Native TextInput

Add a Toggle All Complete Button with React Native TouchableOpacity

Create a List of Items with a React Native ListView

Add a Complete Toggle with React Native Switch

Add a Remove Item Button to Each Row with React Native TouchableOpacity

Filter Items in the React Native List View

Add the Total Remaining Item Count to the Footer with React Native Text

Add a Clear All Complete Button to the Footer with React Native TouchableOpacity

Persist Items with React Native AsyncStorage

Add a Loading Indicator While Loading Items with React Native ActivityIndicator

Inline Edit Todo Items in a React Native ListView

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    Build a React Native Todo Application
    Build a React Native Todo Application
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