Calculus – Introductory course to Calculus

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Learn the fundamentals of calculus, including cubic functions, factorization, derivatives, and practical applications. This course is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to expand their knowledge in calculus. Gain a solid understanding of key concepts and how to apply them in real-life scenarios. Practice exercises and answers are provided to enhance your learning experience. Start your journey to mastering calculus today!

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What you’ll learn

  • Identify cubic functions and how to factorize them using synthetic devision
  • Know the meaning of the first derivative and how to calculate it using the first principles as well as the basic rule to find the derivative quickly
  • Learn the meaning of the second derivative and how to calculate it
  • Using calculus in practical examples

We start off by revising what an average gradient is and how to easily calculate it, then we will look at a cubic function and how to factorize it. We will look at limits and how we use this idea to find the first derivative using the first principles. All of this is quite important as it steers us on our way to better understand what is to follow. We will now learn how to calculate the first and second derivative in a quicker way and what role these derivatives play within functions. We are going to draw cubic functions and have a look at the different shapes it may have. We will walk you through each calculation and show you every step along the way. You will also be asked to draw some functions within the question section as this will help you practice what you have learned. We are also going to calculate maximum and minimum values through our newly acquired knowledge while also learning why they are important and how we can use them in real practical examples. There are practical lessons towards the end of this series to show you exactly how calculus can be used. Each lesson comes with its unique set of questions that you can try, as this will help you solidify what you have learned while the answers are also provided in a separate pdf file so you can check if you worked correctly. All math takes practice and revision, we truly hope that by watching these videos it will give you a good insight into what the key concepts are, how to calculate them and use them. Now you have the means to continue to revisit the lessons so that you don’t forget import ideas.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who just started out with calculus or anyone who wants to know more about this topic. Concepts such as cubic functions, how to factorize them, the first derivative, its meaning, the second derivative, its meaning, minimum and maximum values, concavity and many more useful concepts are covered including practical examples and the implementation of calculus in real situations.

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    Calculus – Introductory course to Calculus
    Calculus – Introductory course to Calculus
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