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Public health professionals are certain to be among the key personnel in preparedness and readiness for a deliberate use of chemical or biological agents against a human population. So it is vitally necessary that those personnel who may be in charge of health systems preparation and organisation gain a basic understanding of the nature and the principles of such use and how to respond.

As the United Nations’ public health agency, WHO has an important role to play in the global public health response to events involving the possible deliberate use of biological and chemical hazards.

That is why the Biosecurity and Health Security Protection Unit has developed this online training on basic knowledge in preparing and organising the management of the consequences of a Chemical and Biological Deliberate Event for all public health professionals worldwide.

Please note: These materials were launched on 29/11/2022.

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Overview: Chemical and Biological Deliberate Event (CBDE) online training on basic skills in managing the consequences of a CBDE is a MOOC (massive open online course) in 3 levels:

Course contents

Introduction to the course

Module 1: What is a Chemical and Biological Deliberate Event (CBDE)?:
Explaining what Health Hazard, Risk and Threat are; what Chemical and Biological Agents, Risk and Threat are; and what Deliberate Events are.

Module 2: Preparedness and Readiness to CBDE:
Answering Why be prepared? How to be prepared and ready? Illustrated with the example of a Public Health Emergency Operation Plan.

Module 3: Biological Warfare Agents:
Demonstrating the difference between prevention and protection, with its different dimensions.

Module 4: Detection and Response:
Underlining the need of a continuous detection in order to enable a timely and efficient response.

Module 5: Response team deployment to a Deliberate Event (DE):
Developing the ways to prepare and make ready response staff: the ways to communicate on risks and during crisis.

Final Assessment

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    CBDE: Preparedness for Public Health Professionals
    CBDE: Preparedness for Public Health Professionals
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