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Prepare for the CertNexus Cybersec First Responder (CFR-410) exam! If you’re an IT professional seeking to enhance your response to events involving networking, application security, and cloud environments, then this course is for you. Gain insights on zero-day exploit identification, log management, and more.

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Course Description

The CertNexus Cybersec First Responder (CFR-410) exam preparation course from Cybrary will help you to pass this updated exam and succeed in an incident response role.

You will learn all the updated topics as highlighted by NIST (identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover). The overall scope of learning for this course is tailored towards IT professionals attempting to enhance their abilities in networking, operating systems, application security, and cloud environments.

Gain the knowledge and skills to properly respond to a cybersecurity event. Learn to understand the threat landscape, identify zero-day exploits, implement security best practices, continuously monitor detections and anomalies, manage logs, analyze and disseminate reports, and perform appropriate mitigation/remediation actions.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Prerequisites and Target Audience

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Effectively identify, detect, protect, respond, and recover from malicious activities involving computing systems.

Gain the foundational knowledge to deal with a changing threat landscape

Module 1: Course and Exam Overview

Module 2: Identify Cybersecurity Risk

Module 3: The Threat Landscape

Module 4: Reconnaissance Threats

Module 5: Computing and Network Attacks

Module 6: Post-Attack Techniques

Module 7: Organizational Security Posture

Module 8: Cybersecurity Intelligence Collection

Module 9: Analyzing Log Data

Module 10: Network and Asset Analysis

Module 11: Cybersecurity Incident Response

Module 12: Cybersecurity Incident Investigation

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    CertNexus Cybersec First Responder
    CertNexus Cybersec First Responder
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