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Learn the core of AWS Cloud infrastructure with this comprehensive course. Gain the skills you need to confidently work with cloud services and open doors to new opportunities. Start today!

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You’re going to find cloud services being used at nearly any enterprise you work for. So it’s important for us developers to at least have a high-level understanding of this infrastructure.

And since AWS has the dominant share of the cloud market, being familiar with it is incredibly valuable and opens a lot of doors.

But gaining that familiarity isn’t easy. Just browsing through the list of 200+ services is overwhelming.

Getting started with learning AWS usually involves having a dozen or more open tabs and the feeling that you’re going down a rabbit hole that never ends.

This course is an alternative to that stress. It has been structured like a boat tour on a river of knowledge, linearly guiding you through the core of AWS Cloud.

By the end of this course, you will be confidently spinning up servers, creating relational databases, storing static assets, and writing serverless functions with confidence.

So, whether you need to learn AWS for your current job or are looking to earn your cloud practitioner certification, start watching this course and gain the skills you need today.

Course Content

Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals with AWS

Understand the Advantages of AWS and Cloud Services

Overview of AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Purpose and Pricing

Create and Configure an AWS EC2 Instance

Connect to an AWS EC2 Instance via SSH

Compare AWS, DocumentDB DynamoDB and RDS

Overview of AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) Features and Pricing

Create a New AWS RDS Instance

Delete an AWS RDS Instance

Overview of S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Create an AWS S3 Bucket for Hosting a Static React App

Create a User with Programmatic S3 Access with AWS IAM

Configure an AWS S3 User in the AWS CLI

Streamline Deployments to AWS S3 with a Deploy Script in package.json

Overview of AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Write and Test Your First AWS Lambda Function

Add an API Gateway HTTP Endpoint Trigger to a Lambda Function in AWS

Course Outro: Where to Go After Learning the Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

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    Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals with AWS
    Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals with AWS
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