Comparative Democratic Development Part II: Structuring Democracy






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Learn about liberal democratic institution design, sustainability, and reform. Explore the role of external actors in democratic development and promotion. Join weekly discussions, ask administrative questions, and connect with fellow students. Discover effective international policies for supporting democracy.

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What you will learn

  • Liberal democratic institution design
  • Democratic sustainability
  • Democratic institutional reform
  • External actors and influences in democratic reform
  • Democracy promotion
  • Weekly Discussion Forum: To discuss the lectures and readings for that week.
  • Administrative questions: To pose questions to the course staff about the requirements and administration of the course.
  • Democracy news and analysis: To share with your fellow students and the course staff news developments and analysis of particular relevance to the course.
  • Meet other students: To meet online fellow students in the class with particular interests or shared backgrounds.

Program Overview

The first part of this course explored the definition and elements of liberal democracy and the social, economic, and cultural conditions for sustaining. It also looked at the dynamics of democracy, taking a more actor-centered approach to examine the drivers of democratic transitions and breakdowns. This second and final part of the course takes a more political approach, asking two questions. First, how do the institutions of liberal democracy vary in design, and what institutional choices seem to offer the best prospects for sustaining liberal democracy? What tensions and tradeoffs must be navigated in designing or reforming democratic institutions? Second, is it possible for external actors to assist in the development and defense of democracy? What types of international policies and practices have been most successful in supporting democracy from abroad, and how can democracy be promoted more effectively?

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    Comparative Democratic Development Part II: Structuring Democracy
    Comparative Democratic Development Part II: Structuring Democracy
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