Computer Programming with Excel VBA

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Learn advanced Excel VBA programming techniques and develop professional business applications. Stand out in the industry with fast and cost-effective solutions. This course offers hands-on sessions, quizzes, and assignments to enhance your skills. Suitable for those looking to build a career in Excel VBA or take their programming skills to the next level.

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What you’ll learn

  • Advanced use of Excel VBA in business applications development
  • Computer programming techniques implemented in Excel VBA
  • Layout a strong foundation for efficient, professional business applications built with Excel VBA

I have to say that I am very impressed with your course.

The major positives that I have observed so far are:

  • Clarity of explanation

  • Obvious authority on the subject matter

  • Getting into the more advanced areas

  • Value for money

    – Andrew Dove, Scotland

Here’s a secret: what differentiates an Excel Macro User from an Excel VBA Programmer?
An Excel Macro User extends Excel with automation.
An Excel VBA Programmer extends a VBA computer program to use Excel.

You are about to join a handful of excel VBA top experts.

Design and develop business-grade software solutions for companies around the world.

In this unique course, you learn Excel VBA along with computer programming.

Why excel VBA is the best choice for you:

  • Be competitive: Deliver fast, business-grade solutions in half the time and cost compared to traditional technologies

  • Stand out: Very few professional VBA programmers out there

  • Easy to learn: One of the easiest languages to start with

  • Attractive opportunity for you: Requires a small investment in learning with vast potential opportunities

  • Easy to sell: Excel is readily available on almost every computer

In this course you will discover…

✔ How to create slick PDF reports with a click of a button!

✔ How to Design Business Tools over Real Business Data!

✔ Program effectively based on true understanding of how computer programs work!

✔ Manipulate any element of the Excel Application!

What you will get when enrolling to this course:

  • 16 hours in 56 recorded, hands-on sessions

Each session was carefully planned, its code was written and verified and the video was edited to reflect a balanced blend of slides lecture with hands-on demo.

The course is structured to build a gradual learning curve. With each session you conquer another goal, expand your skills and experience.

The harmonized planning and orchestration of the complete 8-course program delivers to you an un-matched combination of skill-sets, typically never found in a single, coherent and complete program.

  • 3 Quizzes

Each module closes with a quiz. The quizzes are designed to measure your deep understanding of the material. Repeating a sentence you heard in the course is not enough to pass the quiz.

Only true understanding gained through practice leads to successful professionals – and that is what I aim for you!

  • 3 Assignments

Writing code that works for real business needs will earn you the practice and skill you need. The assignments are engineered to confront you with real business challenges and are considered an important part of your training.

I always say: an assignment is your opportunity to express yourself!

  • Assignments complete solutions: Excel VBA code for download

Download my suggestion for possible solutions to the assignments. These are complete, fully working solutions that will expand and enrich your knowledge and techniques for implementing business challenges.

I explain my solution for each and every assignment in a dedicated, detailed session, so these are important lessons in and of themselves – don’t skip those sessions!

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to develop a professional Excel VBA career
  • Advanced Excel users curious about Excel VBA
  • Excel VBA developers looking to take it to the next level by developing business-grade information systems on Excel VBA

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    Computer Programming with Excel VBA
    Computer Programming with Excel VBA
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