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Discover the power of Greensock, the ultimate platform for creating stunning and customizable animations. Learn how to set up, control, and enhance your animations with cross-browser support for a seamless user experience. Elevate engagement and captivate your audience with Greensock.

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Animations attract the eye and add a higher level of engagement for your users. But they’re not easy to set up, and they don’t always look the way they should on every browser.

Greensock is the best platform available for creating performant, highly-customizable animations. This course will walk you through the features of Greensock, including how to:

…and more, with cross-browser support to ensure your animations look sharp everywhere.

Course Content

Setup GreenSock as a Module with Parcel

Animate and Center an Element to a Click Event with GreenSock

Rotate an Element Based on Previous Values with GreenSock

Create Animation Steps with GreenSock’s Timeline

Pause or Resume an Animation by Checking isActive with GreenSock

Manually Control the Animation with progress in GreenSock

Animate From a Variable Point with from and fromTo in GreenSock

Control an Array of Elements with the Same Animation in GreenSock

Stop Animations with killTweensOf and killAll in GreenSock

Animate Between CSS Classes with GreenSock

Spin Elements in 3d with GreenSock

Control the Shared 3d Perspective of Multiple Elements with GreenSock

Loop a Tween Forever Using Yoyo and Repeat with GreenSock

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    Create Amazing Animations with GreenSock
    Create Amazing Animations with GreenSock
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