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Give your events a bright ‘pop’ of color and impress your guests with easy to make, fun to decorate and yummy to eat cake pops

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Give your events a bright ‘pop’ of color and impress your guests with easy to make, fun to decorate and yummy to eat cake pops

Get on board with the sweetest trend around – Cake Pops! These delicious cake-lollipop hybrids are quickly replacing cupcakes as the favorite dessert for holidays, parties, and special events. Easy to make, decorate and eat, these one-bite treats are the perfect way to dazzle clients and impress guests using your creative flair! They may have started as party favors for children’s birthday parties, but now cake pops are center stage at weddings, showers, and even Hollywood parties. And they aren’t just yummy – their stunning designs make beautiful centerpieces. Cake pops are a perfect way to bring your party or event theme to life.
Why spend hundreds of dollars on a custom cake when you can easily DIY your dessert table? For professional caterers, there’s no need to hire a pastry chef when you can surprise clients with a complete cake pop menu to choose from. Give your events a bright ‘pop’ of color AND flavor with our cake pop baking and decorating course.


If you can bake a simple cake following a step-by-step recipe, you can make a cake pop! In our course, we’ll show you how to make cake pops from scratch, and decorate them using a bit of artistic creativity and some materials found in your baking pantry. We’ll start off with the easy stuff, and once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, you’ll learn some pretty fancy cake pop styling!

We start with the basics – prepping your workstation, and what tools and ingredients you’ll need
We’ll teach you a variety of cake pop recipes, so you’ll have a few yummy flavors to choose from
You’ll learn how to roll and sculpt your pops with expert precision
We’ll show you tons of decorating techniques using sprinkles, powders, sugars, and more!
You’ll learn how to make your own fondant and use it to sculpt ornaments for your cake pops
We’ll teach you how to paint your cake pops and add cool details
And we’ll demonstrate how to make themed cake pops for kids, birthdays, weddings, showers, and more!
This course is for any experience level – from beginner bakers to expert chefs who want to learn cake pop techniques. It includes video demonstrations and tutorials which you can pause at any time, so you can follow along at your own pace.
By the end, you’ll have mastered several cake recipes, as well as numerous decorating techniques, and you’ll be making cake pops like a real pro. So what are you waiting for? Get baking and start popping!

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    Creative Cake Pop Decorating
    Creative Cake Pop Decorating
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