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Let your imagination run free as a creative card making ninja. Learn how to make cards that people will treasure forever!

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Let your imagination run free as a creative card making ninja. Learn how to make cards that people will treasure forever!

Make someone’s day by giving them a personal handmade card!
In America alone, 6.5 billion greeting cards are sent every year at a cost of around $7-8 billion, says the Greeting Card Association.
But how often do you find these cards aren’t exactly what you want? Or the message is too slushy?
Instead of wasting energy searching for a shop-bought card, invest your time in creating something beautiful. Our course equips you with the card making ideas, tools and skills you need to make your own cards for every occasion.
Imagine the sensation of designing a unique card for someone dear to you or be commissioned to sell your cards. You will be able to:

give a gift that will be treasured forever

enjoy ‘being in the moment’ as you put your mind and soul into card making

unleash your creative side which is great for your mental health

express yourself through your craft and celebrate your own uniqueness
By creating a handmade card, you will:

make people feel loved and cherished.

show you care enough to take the time to create something just for them when you could have sent a quick text instead

personalize every special occasion for the people in your lives.
When you make your own card, it has a positive impact on you and the person you send it to. That’s a win-win.
After each module in our Creative Card Making For All Occasions video course, you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice. You’ll be making cards as you learn! Start making wonderful cards now.


Your tutor is Alexandra Stapleton-Smith, who is passionate about papercrafts. Under her expert guidance, you will discover:

All the skills and tools you need to make your own Christmas cards, Valentine’s cards, birthday cards, and cards for every occasion

different types and sizes of paper for card making

basic card making tools you will need – and things you won’t need

wide variety of inks to make your own cards

all about die cutting machines for creating different shapes for your cards

add extra pizazz to your cards using stamping techniques to create different effects such as 3D images or shadows

performing card making magic with stamp platforms to help you create precise images

At the end of each video module, you will have your own project to do. This is a hands-on course where you watch, learn and then create something beautiful and uniquely you.

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    Creative Card Making for All Occasions
    Creative Card Making for All Occasions
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