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Let your imagination run free by designing your own indoor gardens, from a mini zen garden to a fantasy land for unicorns!

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Let your imagination run free by designing your own indoor gardens, from a mini zen garden to a fantasy land for unicorns!

Create natural landscapes or mythical lands in miniature in your home. Bring every corner of any room to life with your mini garden creations bursting with oxygen-boosting plants.
As well as giving life to a room, indoor plants help purify air so the air you breathe is cleaner. There’s something magical and mindful about nurturing plants, caring for them and watching them grow.
Forget about sticking a pot plant in a corner and watering it once a week. A mini garden brightens every room and lifts your spirits.
These modern mini natural landscapes look like living works of art. Although they can be intricate and delicate, they’re easy and economical to make at home.
With the simple step-by-step instructions in our course, you can quickly create delightful mini gardens using old containers such as cocktail glasses or coffee pots to turn into vessels for your plants.
The course has 33 contemporary mini garden designs which can fill even the smallest corner in any room. Whatever your dream garden contains, you can make a mini version in your home. With the projects in this course, you’ll never run out of ideas.
Release your creative spirit on to the gardening world and grow your own ecosystem to enhance your home.
Bring the outdoors inside and start deciding on your first mini garden from the projects in our online course now.


Fire up your imagination, unleash your creative spirit and bring mini landscapes to life

How to create your very own unique piece of natural beauty in your home

Confidently grow and look after beautiful plants such as tropical plants, cacti, air plants and mosses

What to look out for when buying plants at a garden center or online to ensure you’re picking healthy varieties

Choosing the right vessel for your particular project. You can reuse old containers and give them a new lease of life

Putting together your mini garden with the right soil and different layers for good drainage and filtration

Ideas for decorating your gardens such as seashells, crystals, unicorns and dinosaurs

Keeping your garden alive by identifying pesky pests or diseases

Tips for making sure your garden stays healthy and beautiful

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    Creative Indoor Mini Gardens
    Creative Indoor Mini Gardens
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