Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams & Bolsters




Last updated on June 17, 2024 6:21 pm

Create three stunning pillow styles! Learn the techniques and insider tips you need to sew the custom bedding of your dreams.

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Class Preview

Create three stunning pillow styles! Learn the techniques and insider tips you need to sew the custom bedding of your dreams.

Selecting Pillows & Fabrics

Meet your instructor, interior designer Jann Newton, and preview the three gorgeous pillows in this class. Then, discover what weights of fabric will work best as Jann offers design advice for mixing and matching patterns. Finally, see how to calculate yardage needs when using a patterned fabric.

Euro Sham: Crisp Corners & Knife-Pleat Ruffle

Start on your pillow with a knife-pleat edge as you mark and cut fabric so that your designs are square and centered. Then, discover how Jann’s helpful template (included in your class materials) will give you square corners — no dog ears! Finally, learn how to sew the perfect knife-pleat ruffle using a cardboard template you make yourself.

Euro Sham: Construction

Complete your Euro sham as you learn how to pin the ruffle to the front of the pillow and ease the thick fabric around corners. Then, sew along with Jann as she attaches the back of the pillow and stuffs it with a form. Finally, Jann shares her favorite stitch for sewing up the pillow opening by hand.

Flanged Sham: Flange & Cording

Learn how to make professional-quality shams with flanges that stand tall. Jann advises you on the best fabric to use for mitered corners before taking you step by step through the process. Then, make and attach cording to add luxurious detailing to your sham.

Flanged Sham: Construction

See how to install a hidden zipper on the back of your sham for easy insertion and removal of your pillow form. Then, attach the pillow flange to the back pieces for a padded flange. Finally, sew all of the pieces together as Jann shows you tips for working with so many layers!

Bolster: Pillow Form & Zipper

Add sophistication to any bed with a beautifully tufted bolster pillow. Learn how to make a custom form for your pillow and how to calculate the yardage needed for your desired size. Jann offers design tips on how to mix and match fabric, and shows you how to insert a zipper after you’ve created your pillow body.

Bolster: Finishing

Finish your final pillow as you stuff the bolster, sew on the end pieces and make fabric-covered buttons! Jann demonstrates how to gather the fabric at the ends of the bolster for that iconic tufted look. You’ll be amazed at the professional and custom results you can get from your home sewing machine!

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    Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams & Bolsters
    Custom Bedding: Decorative Shams & Bolsters
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