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Create the custom bedding of your dreams as you learn designer techniques for sewing decorator-quality duvet covers.

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Class Preview

Create the custom bedding of your dreams as you learn designer techniques for sewing decorator-quality duvet covers.

Measuring & Fabric Choice

Meet your instructor, decorator Laurie Medford, as she previews the two designer duvets you’ll make in this class: a three-paneled, reversible duvet with welt cording, and an advanced center-field design with mitered corners, banding and designer details. Then, Laurie takes you through the simple calculations necessary to design truly customized bedding, whether you’re using a solid fabric or one with a repeating motif. Finally, Laurie shares tips on which fabrics work best for these projects as well as which closures offer the best look and utility.

Front Pieces & Welt Cord

Learn professional techniques for cutting the duvet front pieces and learn how to eliminate bulk as you plan your cuts and seam placement. Then, pick up tricks for cutting bias strips that will be used to create cording. See how to chain piece your bias-cut fabric together and how to use a cording foot to get smooth and taut welt cord.

Sewing the Front Layers

Learn to manage large pieces of fabric, even without a lot of space, as Laurie shows you an alternative to pinning. Then, discover the proper technique for piecing your panels and cording together before you round the bottom corners for a truly custom look! Finally, achieve the luxury look of a padded duvet as you attach the lining and interlining and hand tack it in place with Laurie’s guidance.

Adding the Back & Zipper

Finish up your first duvet as Laurie discusses the numerous design and fabric-saving options available for the back. Once you decide on a plan, learn how to sew the front to the back, keeping the welt cord edge smooth along the way. Gather professional tips for installing an invisible zipper made from a zipper chain with a detached pull. Finally, add duvet snaps to the inside corners and seams to keep your insert secure for fabulous, professional results!

Sizing & Cutting the Center-Field Duvet

Expand your sewing and design skills with a banded center-field duvet. Understand how proportions come into play as you figure the dimensions for your cover. From there, calculate yardage and create a cut plan that makes the most of your fabric.

Banding & Mitering

Get the elegant look of mitered corners with ease. Learn how to sew cording and glue baste the outer bands in place in preparation for mitering as Laurie offers guidance for making sure all of the pieces line up and lie flat! Then, sew the miters in three simple steps and be amazed at their precise, crisp angles.

Snap Closure & Fabric Variations

Learn a second high-end technique for closing your duvet as you attach snap tape for another hidden closure. Discover how and where to sew for minimal visible stitch lines. Your finished duvet will fit your bed — and decor — perfectly! Finally, Laurie shares her design philosophy as she takes you through several samples of fabric and offers ideas on how to incorporate them into your bedroom design.

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    Custom Bedding: Designer Duvet Covers
    Custom Bedding: Designer Duvet Covers
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