Deploy Ghost to AWS using RDS and EC2








Learn AWS with a hands-on project! Deploy Ghost to AWS using EC2 and RDS. Gain practical skills in networking, SSH, and command line.

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One of the hardest parts of learning AWS is understanding how the different moving parts work together.

In this course, we tackle a real-world project of deploying the blogging platform Ghost to AWS using EC2 (the server where Ghost will run) and RDS (a relational database for Ghost to store data).

This course ties together skills like networking, SSH, and using the command line while getting a realistic full-stack platform up and running.

Whether you’re studying for a certificate like Certified Cloud Practitioner or just learning for fun, this hands-on project will be a great way to dig in and get some practice!

Course Content

Understand the Default AWS Virtual Private Cloud Network

Create a Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance to Run a Ghost Server

Set up an Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Instance

Allow an AWS EC2 Instance Access to an RDS Database

Connect to an AWS EC2 Instance with SSH

Add and Log In to an AWS EC2 Instance with a sudo User

Install Nginx and Node.js on a AWS EC2 Server

Install Ghost CLI and Create Directory

Install and Start Ghost on an AWS EC2 Instance Connected to AWS RDS

Where to Go Next with your Freshly Installed Ghost Server

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    Deploy Ghost to AWS using RDS and EC2
    Deploy Ghost to AWS using RDS and EC2
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