Deploying ECS Fargate with AWS Terraform








Last updated on March 1, 2024 3:45 am

Learn how to implement ECS Fargate App on AWS using Terraform with Infrastructure-as-Code.

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Do you intend to integrate your whole infrastructure as code? Do you want to learn more about Terraform, the most popular infrastructure configuration management platform? If that is the case, then this is the course for you! Not only will you learn how to use Terraform code, but you will also discover how to use an AWS framework suggested deployment approach that is highly available, scalable, fault-tolerant, and resilient.

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Outline the steps involved in creati…
  • Explain the procedure for logging in…
  • Recognise the ways to manage AWS Cre…
  • Identify the various operating syste…
  • Outline the steps involved in creating an AWS user account
  • Explain the procedure for logging into the AWS Console
  • Recognise the ways to manage AWS Credentials
  • Identify the various operating systems used for the development
  • State the methods of configuring IDE to utilise Terraform efficiently
  • Define the concept of a virtual private cloud (VPC) environment
  • Describe the process of establishing elastic IP for NAT and Internet gateways
  • Discuss the methods of registering a domain with Route 53
  • Indicate the ways to dockerise the Spring Boot applications
  • Recall the steps involved in deploying a Fargate Spring Boot application
  • Preparing the Environment for Development

    This module will explain how to prepare Linus, Windows and Mac OS environments and the tools for development. You will learn how to create an AWS account, log into the AWS console and create an access key and secret key.

    VPC, ECS and Fargate Spring Boot Application

    This module will discover how to create and manage your infrastructure with Terraform using Route Tables, Internet Gateways, Security Groups, IAM Roles and Policies. You will also learn to complete all stages to deploy the Fargate Spring Boot application.

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      Deploying ECS Fargate with AWS Terraform
      Deploying ECS Fargate with AWS Terraform
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