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This free online course will discuss the architecture of Kubernetes and how to use the best network and security policies for your Kubernetes infrastructure.

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Kubernetes is a container management platform that provides the infrastructure for hosting on-premises and cloud-native applications. It offers features like resource tracking, deployment management, and high availability. This diploma course discusses the core domains of Kubernetes, including cluster architecture, networking, security, troubleshooting, and more. Take this course to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Enrol today!

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Describe the architecture and infras…
  • Identify clusters and nodes, as well…
  • State the benefits and applications …
  • Outline the Kubernetes networking mo…
  • Describe the architecture and infrastructure of Kubernetes
  • Identify clusters and nodes, as well as the core services required for their setup
  • State the benefits and applications of Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) in Kubernetes
  • Outline the Kubernetes networking model, including network policies and services
  • Select the most appropriate security policy for your Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Match security contexts with permission types in access control settings for Kubernetes services
  • Recall the tenets of lifecycle management and maintenance for Kubernetes services
  • Outline the strategies for monitoring and troubleshooting the Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Understanding Containerized Apps

    This module examines the introductory concepts of Kubernetes and the purpose of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. Study the components and architecture of Kubernetes and the fundamental concepts of containerized apps. Learn the commands for API access, the procedures for running deployments, the syntax for namespaces, and more.

    The Core Services of Containerized Apps

    In this module, we describe the Kubernetes options for on-premises and cloud storage infrastructure. We demonstrate how to manage storage and create a physical volume from the CLI. We investigate the core Kubernetes networking model and services. We address security issues in Kubernetes and present tips for scaling the CKA exam.

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      Diploma in Kubernetes Administration
      Diploma in Kubernetes Administration
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