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Over 100 homemade treats to spoil and nourish your furry friends!

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Over 100 homemade treats to spoil and nourish your furry friends!

Whether you have a dog that has strict dietary needs or just want to ensure your furry friend is eating the healthiest, most nutritious food out there, this course is jam-packed with over 100 recipes that your dogs will not only enjoy, but they are also good for them. As a dog owner you want your pet to live a long and healthy life and good nutrition is key to that. It can be hard finding doggie treats without added salt, sugar, artificial coloring and other ingredients. And while there are plenty of natural and organic dog treats with real ingredients, they aren’t exactly cheap to buy and there is no guarantee you’ll be happy with the ingredients. Making your own homemade doggie treats will not only save you money, but you can choose what goes into them to keep harmful ingredients away from your pup. Dogs are just like humans, they have food sensitivities too, and by making homemade treats you can be sure that the food you give him will be safe for their stomach and skin. Did you know that some commercial dog treats have the ability to change your dog’s personality dramatically due to the high amount of sugar and artificial food coloring that they contain? This can lead to uncontrollable excitement in your dog, which then has a potential to lead to behavioral problems and sugar addiction. Do our dogs really need sugar? NO! Another benefit is that you can size the treats specific to your dog. From 2 pound Chihuahuas to 200 pound Mastiffs, homemade treats can be made exactly the right size. Your dog will also have better digestion because of the lack of fillers and making homemade treats will make feeding time more fun for both you and your pup! Making your own dog treats does not have to be complicated or time consuming. You can make several days’ worth at once and refrigerate or freeze what you don’t use immediately. You can make some of the recipes in this course in less time than it takes for a trip to the store and back. All the goodies you’ll find in this course have been thoroughly researched to be nutritious and includes ingredients for dogs with all types of dietary needs. They are healthy, tasty and easy to make with ingredients you usually have around the house. From carob peanut butter crunch balls, sweet potato biscuits and liver oatmeal bones to granola bars, apple sauce spice cake, and watermelon dog sherbet, you’ll be tempted to try each of these delectable delights before serving to your dogs! This course is brought to you by a dog owner who had a lot of concerns and problems when it came to feeding her dog due to an illness. She wanted to share her recipes with the world and help other dog owners to provide yummy treats for their lovable pets without causing them harm. The recipes in this course are versatile and can be altered based on your dog’s needs.


From this course you’ll learn:
how to make over 100 treats that’ll save you money and be healthier for your dog
what ingredients to avoid when feeding your dog
more about your dog’s nutritional needs
how to provide more variety in your dog’s food
if your dog has any apparent allergies or sensitivites

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