Emotional Intelligence and One’s Self








Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence in your daily life, control your feelings and take better decisions using EI with this free course by Edraak.

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Emotional Intelligence and One’s Self

Recently, the term emotional intelligence has spread, and the focus has increased on its importance as the most essential skill we need in various aspects of life. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important and effective in social and business life than mental intelligence (IQ).

So what is emotional intelligence? What is its importance? How can it help us?

In the course of emotional intelligence and self, we gathered studies, research, training and explanation of the largest possible number of questions, in addition to methods and ways to help us know how to deal with our emotions and feelings positively and effectively, and how can we develop and lead our lives in a positive way to achieve the maximum possible results that we wish.

It is important to realize here that individual emotional intelligence can be developed by investing in increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge, and what is meant by self-knowledge is to delve into some simple questions that many do not fully know the answer to, such as the awareness of feelings and personal patterns and goal setting, knowledge of internal values and motivations, and the knowledge of strength points and weakness points.

What you’ll learn

The educational objectives for the first course

Defining Emotional Intelligence.

Learning about the Emotional Intelligence Competency Model, its components and applications.

Learning about the Cognitive Triangle and its applications.

Developing the Power of Choice ability.

Achieving a deeper understanding of self: values and goals.

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    Emotional Intelligence and One’s Self
    Emotional Intelligence and One’s Self
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