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Stay ahead in JavaScript development with ES6 and beyond. Learn the latest features like arrow functions, classes, and Promises. Upgrade your skills with ES2016’s Array.prototype.includes and ES2017’s async/await. Discover the power of ES2018’s regular expressions and async iterators. Explore ES2019’s Object.fromEntries, Array.prototype.flat, and flatMap. Embrace ES2020’s dynamic imports, globalThis, and BigInt. Keep up with the evolving language to avoid being left behind. Our course covers everything from refactoring es5 functions to using ES6 Sets for improved performance. Enhance your JavaScript expertise and be productive from day one. Start learning now!

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Released in 2015, ES6 was a major update to the JavaScript language, providing many new powerful additions to the language. From arrow functions, classes, generators, and proxies to Promises and Modules, ES6 solved many of the languages problems with cleaner, more concise syntax and functionality.

Since then, a new version of JavaScript is released every year, providing even more power to JavaScript Developers:

ES2016 brings with it Array.prototype.includes, ES2017 has async and await, ES2018 adds new capabilities to regular expressions and async iterators, ES2019 has Object.fromEntries, Array.prototype.flat and flatMap, and ES2020 has dynamic imports, globalThis, and BigInt.

Staying up to date with the language as it evolves saves you from being stumped by new APIs and syntax! Learning ES6 and Beyond will ensure you can drop into any JavaScript codebase and have the best shot at being productive on day one.

Course Content

Refactor es5 functions to es6 arrow functions

Use ES6 Sets to Improve Javascript Performance

Explore ES2019 stable array sorting by example

Use ES2019 Array.prototype.flat to Flatten Multidimensional Arrays

Map and Flatten Multidimensional Arrays with ES2019 Array.prototype.flatMap

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    ES6 and Beyond – JavaScript Tips and Tricks from ES2015 to ES2020
    ES6 and Beyond – JavaScript Tips and Tricks from ES2015 to ES2020
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