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Dealing with Spreadsheets makes our lives easier, this free course will teach all the skills needed to master Microsoft Excel

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This free course teaches the basics and skills of Microsoft Excel, many of us need to use spreadsheet programs to organise and arrange data, especially arithmetic.

Companies and businesses use Excel to manage their income & expenses, all numeral processes, and also to issue sales invoices, they even may use it for preparing budgets.

Using Excel is also important on personal level, anyone can use it to regulate the personal budget asl well.

Excel is an effective and wonderful tool for obtaining quick results from vast amounts of data.It also works well for simple accounts and tracks almost any type of information.

The key to solving all these possibilities is the cell element. Cells can contain numbers, text, or formulas. You can place data in cells and group them into rows and columns. This allows you to group, sort, filter, filter, and create great-looking charts.

In this course, we will learn everything we need to professionally use Excel, making it easy for us to handle numbers and calculations quickly and error-free.

What you’ll learn

Handling spreadsheets and save them in different formats

Choosing integrated options such as help function to enhance productivity

Entering data into cells and use best practices in creating lists

Selecting, sorting, printing, moving, and deleting data

Reviewing rows and columns on a worksheet

Working with worksheets appropriately

Creating computational and logical equations using the standard spreadsheet functions

Formatting numbers and text content in the spreadsheet

Using graphs to communicate information clearly

Adjusting the spreadsheet page settings

Reviewing and correcting table content before printing

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