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This First Aid/CPR course is designed to teach non-medical personnel how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, assess the victim, and treat cardiovascular emergencies and external and internal injuries. This course also covers emergencies in remote locations and childbirth emergencies.

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Course Objectives

After completing this First Aid/CPR course, you will be able to:

Explain first aid principles, emergency responses, and initial and secondary patient assessment.
Recognize signs and symptoms of various medical emergencies and recommend first aid for each.
Recommend dressing and bandages for specific wounds and explain first aid for special wounds and steps to control external bleeding.
Compare and contrast types of burns and their effects, assess the severity of a burn, and demonstrate ways to provide first aid for various degrees and types of burns.
Assess head, spinal, and musculoskeletal injuries and demonstrate care for such injuries, including the use of splints and slings.
Differentiate the effects of internal bleeding and chest and pelvic wounds and demonstrate specific first aid steps for each type of wound.
Assess problems of pregnancy, labor, and delivery and explain first aid for a pregnant woman and assisting at childbirth (including complications).
Recognize signs of emotional responses to injuries and illness, behavioral problems, and abuse and recommend responses to each.
Demonstrate choking care for responsive or unresponsive choking victims and explain the steps of the AED procedure.
Apply understanding of the respiratory system to explain rescue breaths and chest compressions for respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies.
Assess severity of shock and heat and cold emergencies and explain first aid steps.
Evaluate danger to victims trapped in various conditions and demonstrate techniques of rescuing and moving victims.
Recognize signs and symptoms of poisoning, substance abuse, and bites and stings and illustrate care for each.
Illustrate general principles for injuries in remote locations and care for specific injuries and wilderness emergencies.

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