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Master the French language in this course with Edraak and learn how to talk about your housing situation and your lifestyle. Register now!

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The French Language (3) course is part of a series of courses teaching the French language for beginners and a sequel to the French Language (2) course. Before enrolling in this free course, you will need to pass the first and second parts of the series in order to succeed and master the French language.

The course focuses on speech quality by highlighting different activities we do in our daily lives, such as shopping or travel for example, and provides the set of vocabulary that we might need to use in these situations along with the phrases needed, the knowledge of building sentences in the correct grammar, and so on.

In this course, you will learn how to set an appointment in French, make plans for the weekend, or even plan a vacation in Paris. You will also learn how to use the imperative form in French, the future tense, give advice, and lead to places and directions during your trip.

The course provides the grammatical tools necessary to conduct a full conversation with colleagues using terms suitable for the work environment. It explains how to tell a story to colleagues using a formal form in the past tense. On the other hand, it teaches how to tell the same story to friends or family in an informal way.

You will learn how to use pronouns in order to avoid repetition and improve the quality of your speech in the French language. In addition, you will learn using the compound tense, the continuous past, and the simple future tense and making comparisons between things, places, people, or times, using words such as better, best, before, and after.

During this course, you will discover how to use the imperative form to suggest and give commands and organize events. You’ll learn how to talk about your city of residence by clarifying its pros and cons, comparing places and neighborhoods in the past and present tenses, and talking about your preferred lifestyle.

This course will teach you how to talk about your housing situation, whether it is a house or apartment or something else, including furniture and decorations. On top of that, you will learn how to speak French when searching for an apartment or shopping at a furniture store.

Learn how to speak French fluently by registering for this free course from Edraak and gain the skill to lead a full conversation in various fields using the French language.

What you’ll learn

Speaking French fluently during your visit to a furniture or homeware store

Interacting with sales staff in French

Planning a vacation or a weekend trip

Talking about your lifestyle using French grammar

Talking about your city of residence and its neighborhoods

Using proper French in the work environment

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