Functional Programming in JavaScript with Ramda.js








Learn how to use Ramda.js for functional programming in JavaScript. Build cleaner, more maintainable code with composability and immutability.

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Learn how you can use ramda.js to bring functional programming concepts into your JavaScript code. Ramda offers composability and immutability right out of the box, so you can leave your imperative code behind and build cleaner, more maintainable code.

Course Content

Refactor to Point Free Functions with Ramda using compose and converge

Convert a QueryString to an Object using Function Composition in Ramda

Select a Subset of Properties from a Collection of Objects in Ramda

Handle Branching Logic with Ramda’s Conditional Functions

Declaratively Map Predicates to Object Properties Using Ramda where

Change Object Properties with Ramda Lenses

Add and Remove Items in Arrays using Filter, Reject and Partition in Ramda

Build a Functional Pipeline with Ramda.js

Pick and Omit Properties from Objects Using Ramda

Curry and Uncurry Functions with Ramda

Declaratively Map Data Transformations to Object Properties Using Ramda evolve

Handle Errors in Ramda Pipelines with tryCatch

Create an Array From a Seed Value with Ramda’s unfold

Convert a Promise.all Result to an Object with Ramda’s zip and zipObj

Filter an Array Based on Multiple Predicates with Ramda’s allPass Function

Create a Query String from an Object using Ramda’s toPairs function

Convert Object Methods into Composable Functions with Ramda

Sort an Array of Objects by Multiple Fields with Ramda’s sortWith

Refactor a Promise Chain to Function Composition using Ramda

Refactor to a Point Free Function with Ramda’s useWith Function

Get a List of Unique Values From Nested Arrays with Ramda

Debug Function Compositions with Ramda’s Tap Function

Create a Reusable Mapping Function with Ramda’s Map

Get Deeply Nested Properties Safely with Ramda’s path and pathOr Functions

Discard the High and Low Values From an Array of Numbers with Ramda

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    Functional Programming in JavaScript with Ramda.js
    Functional Programming in JavaScript with Ramda.js
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