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Last updated on June 25, 2024 10:16 pm

Discover how to create darling appliqué designs that you can use to adorn quilts, knits and gifts alike!

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Discover how to create darling appliqué designs that you can use to adorn quilts, knits and gifts alike!

Fusible Appliqué Basics: Letter Appliqués

Meet your instructor, Wendi Gratz! She provides tips and tricks to make fusible appliqué easy. To begin, Wendi shows examples of the endless opportunities fusible appliqué provides. Then you’ll learn the differences between types of fusible adhesives. Finally, you’ll start making letters!

Overlapping Appliqués: Mushrooms & Trees

Wendi helps you pick out the best fabric for your project. She’ll take you through identifying two points of contrast for the best look. Then you’ll learn the importance of cutting on the grain and how easy it is to quilt as you go. Finally, start cutting and assembling the mushroom and tree blocks for your quilt.

Basic Faces: Bear, Beaver & Deer

Begin making your animal faces. Wendi demonstrates different techniques you can use to transfer the pieces and line them up precisely on your finished project. Then you’ll begin assembling the cute bear, beaver and deer blocks to add to your woodland quilt.

Advanced Faces: Bunny & Raccoon

Take the techniques you learned and kick it up a notch with an inquisitive bunny and cute raccoon design. Start with stitching off the appliqué in the right order. You’ll also learn a few different ways to make your animal’s eyes stand out from a dark background.

Fancy Stitching: Owl, Squirrel & Quail

Make your appliqué pop with a variety of fun stitches. Wendi will demonstrate variations on her animal designs using a satin stitch, blanket stitch and even diving into decorative stitches for fanciful flair. Make an owl, squirrel and quail block come to life with these finer details!

Appliqué on Knits

Scale your appliqué to fit any project. Whether on a tote bag, a baby onesie or a pillow, all the template animal faces can fit any size project you make. You’ll also learn to use interfacing on knit fabrics so the design stays in place. Finally, make a cute fox appliqué for your woodland quilt.

Putting It Together

Piece together your gorgeous woodland creature quilt. First, audition designs of the blocks and learn layout variations for a custom quilt that is just the right size. Then sew the blocks together, size the backing, baste the layers and add a few lines of quilting for a gorgeous finish. Finally, measure, cut and sew the binding for a completed quilt.

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    Fusible Appliqué Made Easy
    Fusible Appliqué Made Easy
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